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how did this get through? this isnt worth watching, please dont submit practice work.

i did once and it rightfully was blammed, i dont know why this wasnt.

not sure if this is considered stolen?

its a complete rip off of the halo zero game for PC that Doberman Software released. This is just really bad editing of that, nothing new, so I dont know.

I dont want to risk mistakenly blowing a whistle for this crap, its probably considered stolen, but I dont know. its not a complete copy...


from what i can tell this is exactly the same. stop uploading this. the animations good and all, but its not funny and its basically unfinished.

JoyPig1990 responds:

I don't see how it's unfinished, and the reason I deleted the other was because too much was showing.

very good

this was so much better than a lot of junk on this site. it was actually funny and especially for a school project it was very well done. bravo, other people say you can make this better, i say its already better


totally agree very good animation and song!

funny but far too long

shorten the POD scene to the the beginning and the end - maybe 30 seconds worth and add your charming repeating ending.

funny but not really worth it.

Eternal-Panda responds:

...it's one minute long. ONE MINUTE. It takes twice as long to make a hot pocket for god's sake, which yours is probably cold by now thanks to my immensely long movie!


teh winz!!

lol wtf

really stupid and short enough to make you unsure if it really happened - the best humor is the kind that i have no idea what it is

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pretty funny

it just was way too slow and i lost interest. funny stuff though. reminds me of the total of 2 days i played these games.

Killerratte responds:

And therefore you give me a ZERO ?

one of 2 things

either it was to hefty for my video card or it was out of sync. unwatchable because of this.

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