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very good

this was so much better than a lot of junk on this site. it was actually funny and especially for a school project it was very well done. bravo, other people say you can make this better, i say its already better


totally agree very good animation and song!


teh winz!!

lol wtf

really stupid and short enough to make you unsure if it really happened - the best humor is the kind that i have no idea what it is

pretty funny

it just was way too slow and i lost interest. funny stuff though. reminds me of the total of 2 days i played these games.

Killerratte responds:

And therefore you give me a ZERO ?

one of 2 things

either it was to hefty for my video card or it was out of sync. unwatchable because of this.


people dont understand sarcasm and intentionally bad humor. this was really funny. better than the original and i hate naruto yay!

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

I remember i read the manga in a copy of my brother's shonen jump and hated it. I know some a lot of these anime titles because my brother watches them on ytv's bionix line up.

bionix is a lot like adult swim's anime line up.

thanks for taking time to write your review. I'm gonna reply to your review even if it comes in a little late.

I hope you appreciate that i'm gonna try to catch up on replying on all the reviews to this movie even if it is such a massive work load since it's like around a thousand now.

really sick

but the song is so catchy and great animation. maybe next time we wont have to see hairy asshole indiana jones lol

awesome animation

but what the hell really does it have to do with indiana jones - some mild similarities. oh well... great animation!

have any of you seen the movie

this was really not that good. it was slow and some things were kinda maybe funny. cut this shit down to about a minute and it will be great.

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